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MODULE 1: Set Yourself Up for Success!

  • Get inspired from some of the crazy-amazing success stories;
  • Learn how making small changes over time equal some really big results for your health and your life;
  • Learn some of the keystone habits that can help you to reach your health goals faster;
  • Get familiar with some of the resources available to you on your journey;
  • Make time for yourself - it's essential to feeling so much better;
  • Focus on being regular with your supplements this first month.

10X YOUR HEALTH RESULTS: Special Bonus Training Video


  • Food
  • Movement
  • Nutrients
  • Toxins
  • Sleep: 80% of women with PCOS struggle with sleep - 30x more likely suffer from sleep apnea, have higher melatonin levels 
  • Testing and Assessments
  • How to work with your doctor
  • Medications
  • Hormonal birth control: sleep is different
  • Stress
  • Fun


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TRIBE: The Natural Hormone Solution PRIVATE Facebook Group

Please post your questions and comments in the Natural Hormone Solution PRIVATE Facebook Group. It is the best-ever community to support you on your incredible journey. It's a gathering place where hormone experts & like minded women come together to support each other and share their health stories, challenges and successes. >> Join the Private Facebook Group Here 

5% SOLUTION: Small Weekly Steps Equal Sure Success


Welcome to the Natural Hormone Solution - the world's only 5-element program for healing from the symptoms of hormone imbalance. We’re so glad you’re here. This is Robin Nielsen and today I am going to share with you what you can expect on your healing journey.

Here's what you'll learn in this short video:

  • What the 5-Elements are and how they can help you heal
  • Every week for 52 weeks (that's a whole year) I'll share a Weekly Tip Video
  • What is the 5% Solution™
  • How to stay organized and show up each week

Your nutrients on getting packaged up right now and will be on their way to you shortly. That’s element #1 of your Natural Hormone Solution. There are 4 more elements that need an equal amount of your attention for you to heal your body, mind and spirit. They are: food as medicine, movement as medicine, cravings awareness and support community. These 5-elements will help you transform your life.

Each week for an entire year (that’s 52 weeks) I’ll be sharing a quick tip to help keep you on track for healing from the symptoms of hormone imbalance. We call this process the 5% Solution. This video is a little longer than the rest because I want to explain what the 5% Solution is so you know what to expect on your journey and why we think it’s the best approach.

The 5% Solution is going to shake the beliefs you have about how to heal from hormone imbalance…because if you’re like me you want to do everything right now – say adios to your cravings…overnight. Or like me you’ve read about the best exercises and decide you need to be a yoga superstar right out of the gate, or a wanna be professional tennis player.

Here’s the great news…you don’t have to change everything at once. Let me repeat that…DON’T CHANGE EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

Nobody’s brain functions like that or responds to that type of pressure anyway! In fact it freaks out….But by making just a 5% adjustment over time to your diet and lifestyle you can feel 100% better…The secret is in the baby steps…

So think about creating new lasting habits instead of a quick fix….Each week I’ll give you one simple thing to focus on for the coming week. Implement each weekly tip and at the end of 52 weeks you’ll have a brand new way of approaching your life – that is so easy!

It’s true what they say: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”

The tip for this week: make a special folder in your email program for these weekly tip emails. You might name the something like the 5% solution or My healing journey, or I’m beautiful or whatever makes you smile. Then make a rule that all of these emails go into that beautiful folder.

Enjoy your week and I’ll meet up with you again next week for your next tip. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


Welcome to Week 1 of the 5% Solution, the world's leading solution for healing from symptoms of hormone imbalance. This is Robin Nielsen and it’s so great to be here with you. Today there are a few things I want you to know while you’re waiting for your supplements to arrive.

  • We’re in this together. Our entire team suffers from hormone imbalance and we are here to support you every step of the way
  • You have all the power to heal yourself. Your health is in your hands. If you only have one take away from this entire process, it’s that you become your own health advocate for now and always
  • Get to know your body, how to read lab tests, what to ask for and talk about when you see your doctor, and over time become very clear on what you want for yourself
  • Make space in your life for you. Begin to evaluate what you can let go of for now. I always say, if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. And what’s so cool is that the word NO is a complete sentence. Begin using it more often to create space for your healing

Here is your to-do this week:

• Join your Natural Hormone Solution Private community – the link to join is in your Welcome email – this is Element #5 of your Program – Support.  And then tell us a little bit about yourself.

Enjoy your week and I’ll meet up with again next week. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


Welcome to Week 2 of the 5% Solution. This is Robin Nielsen. By now you might have received your supplements. Here’s how I want you to take them:

  1. The Basic Program has 3 supplements: RejuvaPlus, PolyPlus and InsulX all contain nutrients for hormone balance, burning fat for fuel, promoting vibrant energy and managing blood sugar. They are all taken together with meals – 2 meals per day. Take 2 capsules each with breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner.
  2. If you purchased the PLUS Program, the 4th supplement is Omega Plus Fish Oil.
  3. GlucX has been discontinued.

At first it may seem like a lot of pills, especially if you’re not used to taking supplements. But for me and most of my colleagues, these four supplements are the foundation. Once you begin to understand what nutrients can do for you, you’ll begin experimenting a bit more. You should see my cupboard! I LOVE nutrients because they help me perform better at everything I do.

Here are your to-dos this week (there are 2):

  1. Take your supplements as scheduled. The more regular you are with taking your supplements, the better you will feel.
  2. Purchase a nuts and bolts container at the hardware store, like mine here, and put your supplements in it so you don’t have to open the bottles twice a day every day. You can either make breakfast and dinner compartments so you have a week’s worth, or you can put all of one kind in several compartments so you have up to a month’s worth in the container.

Enjoy your week and I’ll meet up with you again next week. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


Welcome to Week 3 of the 5% Solution. This is Robin Nielsen. It feels so good to be here on this journey with you. I know exactly what you’re going through.

How is it going? What have you noticed since you started taking your supplements? – the RejuvaPlus, PolyPlus and InsulX and GlucX? If you’re located outside of the US you may not have received them yet so hold onto this email until you do.

Whenever we introduce something new into our bodies, changes begin to happen. All change is good because they tells us that something is happening…there is movement! And this could be literal because these nutrients will help your body to be more regular with your bowel movements.

You may feel like this is just too much information – and years ago I may have agreed with you. But I now know that our stool (bowel movements) are the best indication of how we are digesting our food, and the overall health of our bodies. Pretty cool, huh?

So here’s what you want your stool to look like:

  1. Dark in color
  2. Long
  3. One piece
  4. Pointed at one end
  5. A little on the soft side so you don’t have to strain when it comes out
  6. And when you’ve really arrived – you won’t have any smearing on the toilet paper – it will be clean!

Your to-do this week:

Drink enough water. Make sure it’s free of chlorine and fluoride because they are toxic chemicals that will hinder your healing process. Shoot for drinking ½ your body weight in ounces daily. So if you weigh 140 pounds you’ll want to drink 70 ounces of water per day – about 9 glasses.

This may seem like a lot but you need it. Especially because you’re body is now going through a gentle detox and we know that the solution to pollution is dilution. The fewer side effects the better….

Water also helps keep us from dehydration which is super stressful on the body and can even cause headaches. In fact many women who regularly experience headaches can get them to go away completely just by drinking enough water.

I used to hate drinking water. In fact, I thought water tasted yucky. I drank lattes, mochas, diet Dr. Pepper – anything but water. Until I got so run down and was completely exhausted…all the time. I was so nutrient deficient.

So I started drinking more water even though I didn’t like it. I put lemon in it, a little apple cider vinegar with stevia, drank herbal teas like Detox tea or Pau d’ Arco tea, ginger tea, hot water with lemon and stevia, bone or mineral broth, etc. Any water-based non-caffeinated beverages like these counts. And my new favorite is HINT water. You’ll have to give them a try – they come in so many delicious flavors – they are a real treat.

So enjoy your water this week, and post in our forum what your favorite is.

Enjoy your week and I’ll meet up with again next week. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Welcome to the 5% Solution. This is Robin Nielsen with a BONUS tip for you - SCHEDULE DOWNTIME: Take time to reflect and "just be" to promote the healing process.

Hi Beauties? Hey, this is Robin Nielsen. Happy weekend. I'm so excited to be here with you today because I went to a conference today. And I had some really nice downtime to kind of reflect and listen to some podcasts and just be as I was driving to and from the conference.

I realize that it’s something I don't talk about very much but it’s key. Absolutely key to our healing is really having enough downtime so we can get in touch with our “heart brain” and our “gut brain”. Really it's just our intuition.

But unless we have enough time so we're not running from one thing to the next, there's no way we can get in touch with that. And as a result, there's no way we can heal.

So, even with all the other beautiful parts of the five-element system, it is critical that you have enough downtime so that you can get in touch with what's really important for you and your healing.

It’s what you need because intuition drives us. And women have incredible intuition about all sorts of things. And that's what we need to get in touch with so that we can better serve ourselves and those around us. So we can be available for what our bodies and our spirits are trying to tell us.

So, I really encourage you to carve out time in your schedule to “just be.” And if that means reading for you, going for a walk, whatever that is, just make sure that you have that time to just tune in to what's going on with your body.

That awareness is incredible because as you start to have awareness about what's going on with your body, you're going to start to say, "Oh hey, I need to make this little shift because this is what's going on for me." And if you're constantly running like I used to do from one thing to the next, you are completely out of touch with what's going on with your body.

So, I'd love to hear from you. Just post here one thing that you can do to get back in touch, to be more aware of what's going on with your body and your mind and your spirit.

So, we want to get out of our heads for a little bit and get into our bodies and sort of reactivate our incredible intuition. And just that incredible awareness about what really serves us.

So, what's one thing you can do today to give yourself space just so that you can become more aware and get better in touch? I'd love to hear from you.

What's Your Big Why?

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].

Let’s do this thing … TOGETHER!
Robin & TEAM



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