Determining if you have PCOS can be a sometimes confusing and sometimes difficult process. The reason is that PCOS is a syndrome – each person will have a different set of symptoms. These symptoms can include excess weight, fatigue, infertility, hormone imbalance, sleep apnea, excess facial or body hair, and a variety of skin problems.

Lets get started…

Do you struggle with your weight?
Do you gain weight easily, especially around your middle?
Do you feel bloated more often than not?
Are you taking the birth control pill to bring on a period?
Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle (i.e. 8 or fewer periods within a year) when not taking the birth control pill?
Have you been trying to conceive without success for six months or more?
Do you have excess hair growth on your upper lip, chin, neck, chest area, and/or abdomen?
Is the hair on your head thinning?
Do you suffer from acne?
Do you have skin tags (lumps of skin sometimes as large as a raisin)?
Is your skin darker or discolored in certain areas?
Do you have low moods, feel depressed or anxious?
Do you feel tired and wired (stressed and tired)?
Do you suffer from chronically low energy?
Do you suffer from low blood sugar or blood sugar swings
Do you suffer from uncontrollable cravings?
Does anyone in your immediate family suffer from diabetes?

We want to assure you that if you find that you have a high probability for PCOS, please don’t be alarmed, PCOS can be reversed. Later we’ll share with you the most effective natural solution available developed through the research of our fine medical team.

In fact, after you complete the quiz, we’ll share with you 5 steps you can take right now to help free you from your specific symptoms of PCOS.

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